Everyday life and poesy in East Germany Life in the Prenzlauer Berg district
Street life
Artists and masters of the art of living
CCD - chic, charming, and durable: the new fashion show/spectacle/performance/theater company, 1981-86
    Protest demonstrations in Leipzig and Berlin, 1988-99
    Demonstrating for emigration in Jena, 1988
    Routine work days in East German firms
    The Berlin Wall opens
  Dessau-Jena-Weimar, Schwerin, Erfurt, Berlin...
Everyday life in East German cities.
Housing: typical housing situations of students, professors, and workers.
Views behind the apartment doors.
    "Festival of the Political Song".
In front of the stage and backstage: unusual encounters between West and Ost, 1980-87.
  official pictures
Restoration work on East German cities and villages.

Restoration work and everyday life in East German cities and villages after 1989: Leipzig, Berlin, Borna, Dessau, Dreiskau-Muckern, Eschefeld, Ludwigsfelde, Angermünde, Bad Salzungen.
  "Planspiel" ("Simulation Model") Leipzig Grünau Renovation of Leipzig - city dwelling Leipzig Grünau
Restructuring of the Central German industrial and mining region: southern region near Leipzig (brown coal), Bitterfeld, Dessau, Wolfen.  

Since 1989, the transformation of industry has greatly changed people's lives and the landscape.
We document this in various contexts:
Bauhaus Dessau - Werkstatt Industrielles Gartenreich, Expo 2000 Saxony-Anhalt Rural District Office Bitterfeld - aerial view calendar and master plan procedure, Office for the Promotion of Economic Development The city of Dessau - industrial parks from the air City Office Hunger - City of the FutureHGB Weimar - Urban sociological study, Weimar-Jena-Dessau, Schwerin...

  "Industrielles Gartenreich" ("Kingdom of Industrial Gardens") is a project of Bauhaus Dessau
Berlin's architectural reconstruction   Berlin
Since 1986, Jürgen Hohmuth has documented the restructuring in Berlin's Mitte district, since 1993 with a large format camera from especially precarious spots, together with colleagues from ZEITORT photography.
  Documentation of the Foreign Ministry's remodelling and renewal in Berlin.
    Tempelhof Airport, documentation for architectural monument preservation purposes, large format and aerial photography.
theater, circus  

Cirque - Theatre
Travelling with a circus will always remain a romantic dream, even for the most realistic. The photos taken since the mid-1980s accompany the travels of modern pantomimes and acrobats, and those taken 1996-98 follow the several-month tours of the French circus "Les Oiseaux Fous".

    Pantomime Theater in Prenzlauer Berg district.
    Theater in Prenzlauer Berg district.
    theatre "Escale"
    Group "Maboule"
    Cirque "Les Oiseaux Fous"
    Aurillac street festival
    Group "Volon´vag"
portraits Tobago
Architecture and monument preservation   Berlin's central stockyard before its demolition and reconstruction with the Prenzlauer Berg Museum
    Borsig Halls, for Claude Vasconi, architect
    German Dome
The Federal Construction Agency commissioned the documentation of the remodelling of the historical construction of the German Cathedral, carried out to make it usable today as a museum. The large format photos show how the character of the building changed.
    Jewish Museum, Berlin, Daniel Liebeskind
    School near Rodez, for Veronique Joufre, French architect
    Bauhaus Dessau
before, during, and after reconstruction with work stages
amazing pictures of the green labyrinths in Enland and France
  Museum Island
"Museumsinsel" in Berlin and its restoration
  Space Use
exhibition "Raumnutzung" (space use) for the"Zukunftsforum Raumplanung"
cities Berlin pictures
Manhattan's horizon is characterized by verticality. Urban street life proceeds horizontally. At the intersection, we produced 6 x 12cm high format panoramas bringing together life and architecture. A selection of these pictures has been exhibited several times in Berlin and in the Bauhaus Club in Dessau.
  Summer in Berlin